The cast of The Golden Cord cinematic book trailer is awesome. The producer and director chose some excellent actors, and it was a pleasure to work with them. Now, whenever I think about the characters in the Iron Dragon series, I picture these actors. Shea Potter is Drake of Cliffton. He is perfect, and so were the others.  

The trailer is going to be a pitch for a movie. I never thought it would go this far, but you never know. In my wild speculations I have some crazy ideas about who would be in the movie. Plus I did get calls from some heavy hitting casting agents in Hollywood. It's true, Scarlett Johansson wants to be in The Golden Cord movie. She'll play the wanton woman, Sherissa. I think she would be perfect.

Medusa's Daughter isn't even published yet, but it's widely known that Angelina Jolie wants to play Medusa. Jessica Alba wants to be her daughter, Nerissa. Jake Gyllenhaal wants to play her love interest, Nikandros. The contract isn't final yet, but Jake has committed to do a full frontal nude scene, so I can confirm this is an R rated movie. Maybe I'm kidding, but the love scenes will be awesome.

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