Paul Genesse is the # 1 Amazon bestselling author of Sakura: Intellectual Property, and the bestselling Iron Dragon series featuring The Golden Cord, The Dragon Hunters, and The Secret Empire. He’s the writer/director/producer of the Star Wars Rock Opera—a comedic parody exploring the hilarious Dark Side of the Force; many acclaimed short stories; and is the editor of The Crimson Pact, a five volume shared multiverse series.

He lives with his true love, Ciara Lin Warren, and their red poodle dog, Evi May. They live in a house with a fantasy art gallery in their basement gallery, which is guarded by real and imaginary dragons.

He worked full time as a charge nurse in a cardiac unit for 17 years, and is now a Solution Architect for a large healthcare company. He has also worked as a copy editor, computer game consultant, and naturally he enjoys speaking at conventions, and doing school visits.

He is a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s books, and loves the Lord of the Rings movies. He wants to become the nerd Jimmy Fallon and enjoys interviewing movie and TV stars at large media conventions like Salt Lake Comic Con. Please friend him on Facebook, explore, and send him images of dragons.

The Utah Book Scene Interview: On writing,
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Christmas 1977 when Paul was 4 and the Fisher Price Castle changed everything.

Long Bio: Paul was born in 1973 and four years later decided to become a writer. He grew up in the desert in southern Nevada, on the outskirts of Death Valley. When not catching lizards or chasing wild burros he created fantastical stories among the rocks and sagebrush. He kept himself busy in school with academics—winning the state championship and All-State Player status in Academic Olympics in 1992 when he was a senior at Beatty High School. Paul also played sports: basketball, track, and cross-country calling himself a “nerd-jock.” He went on to Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and loved his English classes, but pursued his other passion by earning a bachelor's degree in nursing science in 1996. He spent most of his career as a registered nurse on a cardiac unit in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he worked the night shift keeping the forces of darkness away from his patients. As of October 2014 he has accepted a position as an analyst within the same healthcare company and has now become a Solution Architect. He spends endless hours in his basement writing fantasy novels, short stories, crafting maps of fantastical realms, and occasionally copy-editing manuscripts for a small press publisher, or editing short stories for anthologies, such as his Crimson Pact anthology series.

His first published work was a short story called, The Mob. It's your basic meerkat mafia story. . . The Mob appears in an anthology by DAW Books (2006) called Furry Fantastic. The second short story that Paul has had accepted for publication is called Almost Brothers, and is the lead story in the Fellowship Fantastic anthology from DAW Books (2008). The third short story he wrote, The Pirate Witch, is featured in The Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms (May of 2007) from Popcorn Press.
Paul's Review of the Brad Beaulieu's novel,
The Flames of Shadam Khoreh

Paul's Celebrity Interviews

The first novel Paul ever wrote, a fantasy novel for adults (and young adults) titled The Golden Cord, the opening book of his Iron Dragon series, was published by Five Star Books in April of 2008. Book two, The Dragon Hunters came out in 2009 and The Secret Empire came out in 2012. The other two books in the five book series, The Crystal Eye and The Iron Brotherhood are coming soon and all feature covers by the famous fantasy artist, Ciruelo Cabral.

The follow up to the Pirate Witch, is The Queen's Ransom, published in Blue Kingdoms: Shades and Specters (October 2007, Walkabout Publishing).

Paul also has short stories in The Dimension Next Door (DAW 2008), Blue Kingdoms: Buxom Buccaneers (Walkabout Publishing 2008), Catopolis (DAW 2009), Imaginary Friends (DAW 2009), and Terribly Twisted Tales (DAW 2009), Steampunk'd (DAW 2010), The Cost of a Tasmanian Tiger (Michael Stackpole's Chain Story Project, 2011), The Crimson Pact volumes 1-5 (edited by Paul Genesse 2011-2013), Eureka (I, Hero Magazine), No-Tusks (New Babel Books 2012), Of the Earth, Of the Sky, of the Sea co-authored with Patrick Tracy in Kaiju Rising ( Ragnarok Publications in 2014), Neo Nihon (Fiction River 2015) and Onnen (Dreams and Nightmares 2015).
TV interview from Paul's first book tour in 2009.

Local Guest of Honor Speech at ConDuit 2013



The Utah Book Scene Interview: On writing,
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