Thornclaw Forest

The area surrounding Cliffton is the heart of the meanest, nastiest forest in all the world of Ae'leron, the Thornclaw Forest. It is a curse and a blessing. It keeps the Drobin Empire away, but danger is always close. Man eating creatures and poisonous plants dominate the Thornclaw. The Wind Walker Mountains to the West are tall and rugged. Snow dusts their peaks year round. The small village of Armstead nestles in the mountains, but no other settlers dare live in the remote countryside. The plains to the south are the most dangerous area as the griffins and other creatures have an unobstructed view of their prey. The vrelk herds spend most of their time in the forest, but they must migrate across the plains once a year--and it is at that time when the griffins are very well fed. 
This is an amazing image. I love it and the image totally represents what the world looks like. 
The moon over Ae'leron is massive, fifty times larger than our own moon and it rises over the world every night.

The world of Ae'leron is a group of massive plateaus surrounded by an ocean of clouds called the Void. No one knows what's beneath the mist, but what they do know is that winged creature fly out of the clouds and terrorize the people. 

The folk of the plateaus must hide beneath the cover of trees or inside caves to protect themselves from the ravaging aevians, winged creatures that prey upon them.

The moon over Ae'leron is fifty times larger than the moon over Earth. It dominates the sky and when it is at its closest, the plateaus quake and rise ever higher.

A Winged Place

World of Ae'leron

The secret about what's at the bottom of the Void will be revealed before the end of the series. I won't say in which book.

Thornclaw Forest