The Iron Brotherhood

Book Five of the Iron Dragon Series

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(Book 4 and 5 will release at the same time)

—Publishers Weekly

“Paul Genesse is a talented writer with two rare gifts: the ability to create wonderful worlds, and the skill to share them with his readers. Through his deft handling of magic and mythic creatures, Paul Genesse transports us into a realm of wild imagining. Taut suspense and fantastic imagery make the The Dragon Hunters a tale no fantasy fan will want to miss.”

—Michael A. Stackpole, New York Times bestselling author of The Star Wars novel I, Jedi

“With vivid world-building, [Paul Genesse] sets his characters on paths that wind and twist through the world as they try to reach their almost impossible goal—the death of the Dragon King. The characters are driven, each for their own reasons, united by their desire for honor, and vengeance for their kin. In the midst of a fantasy, Paul weaves in realistic themes of family and honor, prejudice and hate, love and redemption.”

—Elizabeth Vaughan, USA Today bestselling author of The Warlands trilogy

The Secret Empire

The only outsiders who know the truth

are dead.

To reach the secret lair of the dragon king,

the last of an order of dragon hunters must cross a brutal desert defended by savage nomads and angry ghosts, uncover the hidden truth of the desert people, then on the eve of their final battle, survive a betrayal that will tear their group apart.

"The Secret Empire surges with the energy and exotic mystery that defines The Iron Dragon Series. Drake has come a long way from the high plateaus of his native Thornclaw Forest. Master assassins track him across torrid deserts, forcing Drake's company into a wilderness so cursed that even hardened nomads retreat in fear.

"In his third book Paul Genesse reveals a desert kingdom with all the allure and brutality of ancient Egypt. The potent drama unfolding in this epic fantasy filled my mind with sharp images of the horrors devised by demonic creatures and twisted kings. Moments of shock blend with those of delight as the great themes of high fantasy--courage, faith, betrayal, forgiveness--shine through this latest arrival from Paul Genesse. It is a joy to read."
--Author Kate Stokes

Jaena and Drake

“This is a story that’s worth your time. It’s almost like going back to that first fantasy novel that totally captivated you and you read it over and over again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”—Russell Davis, author, editor, and President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

“A good mix of action, angst, and romance. The Golden Cord has fine action sequences, like many a fantasy novel, but Paul Genesse takes the time to make the protagonist and his companions much more than hack and slashers. They have hopes, fears, doubts, secret motivations, and backstories that give the action gravitas. Plenty of swordplay and slaying for the action junkies, but also plenty of self-doubt and romance for those looking for a deeper story.”

—Donald J. Bingle, author of Forced Conversion

“Paul Genesse’s tale is elegantly written and filled with rich, believable heroes and villains. He transports you to a vibrant fantasy world that feels so real and complex you won’t want to leave. It is irresistible.”

—Jean Rabe, author of the Finest Trilogy from Tor Books

About the Book

Death comes from above in the plateau world of Ae’leron, where griffins and dragons prowl the sky. Those who escape becoming prey—or enslavement in the Drobin Empire—hide in the secret villages. Surviving in the depths of the Thornclaw Forest, the people of Cliffton live on the edge of the Void—an abyss of clouds that surrounds the plateaus and blocks the view in the Underworld.

The Dragon Hunters

On this hunt, you give up everything.

The last of an order of dragon hunters must track down the Dragon King’s daughter and stop her from getting the Crystal Eye, an ancient artifact that will cause the destruction of their world.

Bellor the War Priest

Guardians work tirelessly to protect each village, and Drake, along with his pair of guard dogs, is Cliffton’s most dedicated and vigilant. When Drobin warriors appear outside the gates, he is forced to confront his most hated enemies. But the secretive Drobin hide the true nature of their journey and why wyverns hunt them. Drake’s world becomes a whirlwind of change as he leaves his true love and guides the Drobin on a suicidal journey to the lair of the Dragon King. He must do this, for if he doesn’t, war will consume the world and destroy everything he loves.

The Golden Cord

Some bonds can never be broken.

A hunter must leave behind the woman he loves, give up all hope of survival, as he is forced to guide his most hated enemies on a suicidal journey to the lair of the dragon king.

No one wants to see this book published more than I do. Medusa's Daughter has been finished for some time now and the current draft is very polished. The manuscript has been read by several authors and has gotten excellent reviews. Editors have said they are interested in seeing the manuscript. I'm currently trying to find representation by a literary agency and as soon as I have news, I will share it. Thank you all for your support and I'm so excited to share this book with you all.

About the Book

An expert crossbowman, Drake of Cliffton, guides his companions to a wizard’s tower where they hope to discover the location of the secret lair of Draglûne, the Dragon King. What they learn changes everything and sends them to a dangerous city embroiled in a bitter uprising. They are pursued by the Dragon King’s daughter, Verkahna, who may be their greatest ally or their worst enemy.

Attacked by cultists who worship Draglûne and Verkhana as draconic gods, the companions must make an alliance with a mysterious swordswoman who may be a traitor to her own people. They travel into the brutal Khoram Desert searching for the lair of their enemies, a cave on the edge of a vast chasm, the Mouth of the Underworld. The price of survival may mean the end of Drake’s hope to return home and marry Jaena, his true love.

Master Bellor and Thor Hargrimm

Medusa’s Daughter Book One of the Medusa’s Curse Trilogy by Paul Genesse 



The Crystal Eye

Book Four of the Iron Dragon Series

Release Date To Be Announced

(Book 4 & 5 will release together. Book 4 is complete at 140K, and 5 is partially done, 45K, as of May 2019)

“Medusa’s Daughter provides a perfect blend of action and romance, spiced with an attention to historical and mythological detail that delighted my heart. Nikandros and Nerissa are strong-willed and intelligent people, drawn together by shared qualities of courage and responsibility—yet driven apart by the very things that make them care for each other. As events unfold, they must choose where their loyalties rest—but will this mean violating the dictates of their hearts?”
--Jane Lindskold, New York Times’ bestselling author of Artemis Awakening “Medusa’s Daughter is a dark and compelling story with vivid characterizations.”
--Kij Johnson, World Fantasy, Hugo, and multiple Nebula award-winning author of Fox Woman “Medusa’s Daughter pulled me in with lots of interesting female characters and a great romance.
The barrier between the two main characters fit the world, and the magic was done so well.
This is the kind of book I’d like to see more of in the adult fantasy market.”
--Mette Ivie Harrison, author of The Princess and the Hound

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